Guest Book

A guest book which allows visitors to a room to leave messages only viewable by the owner.

Author: Unknown
Category: Other


Copy and paste the below code into a compatible MUSH or MUX.

MUSHCode for Guest Book

@@ Original author unknown. Code modified to work
@@ with using specific DBREFs, and by non-wizards/non-royalty.

@create Guest Book
@Desc Guest Book=This is just a little device for us to find out where people are coming from and how they are finding out about the MUX. You can put in [ansi(ncX,your Email address)] if you want, as well as a message about how you found us. Thanks a lot.
@Adesc Guest Book=@pemit %#=%r+sign book <message> - Signs the book where <message> is any text you may want to leave us, including your Email address, if you like.
&SIGNBOOK Guest Book=$+sign book *:@edit me/visitors=$,{%r%r[time()] from [get(%#/lastsite)]%r--%0--};@pemit %#=Thank you for signing the guest book!
&VISITORS Guest Book=Visitors
&DISPLAY Guest Book=$+display:[ifelse(match(owner(%#),owner(me)),pemit(%#,%r[ansi(ngX,Visitor List)]%r[get(me/visitors)]%r),pemit(%#,Permission Denied.))]