Shad's Cigar

A cigar with the commands 'unwrap', 'sniff,' 'light,' 'inhale,' 'smoke,', and 'puff'.

Category: Other
Commands: @create, @describe, @lock, @oemit, @set.


Copy and paste the below code into a compatible MUSH or MUX.

MUSHCode for Shad's Cigar

@create Shad's Cigar
@lock Shad's Cigar==me
@Desc Shad's Cigar=The long brown stick hails from Havana. Its fine aromatic smell can only be appreciated by true connoisseurs of tobacco products.%rIf you wish to be among the truly elite you might wish to 'unwrap' one of these special items.
@set Shad's Cigar/Desc = no_command
@lock/UseLock Shad's Cigar=*Shaddam
&SMOKE Shad's Cigar=$smoke: @pemit/silent %#=You smoke contently on the cigar, the ash gathering on the end of the stick. You flick the ash onto the floor with a flick of your wrist, not giving it a second thought.;@oemit %#=%N smokes %p cigar happily. %S flicks the copious amounts of ash onto the floor unconcernedly.
&SNIFF Shad's Cigar=$sniff: @pemit/silent %#=You raise the gentle stick to you nose and inhale deeply, allowing the full spectrum of aroma to penetrate your senses. Closing your eyes you feel the rapture of a truely fine cigar, an artistic endevour to say the least.;@oemit %#=%N lifts the cigar to %p nose and inhales, eyes closed, a deeply rewarding draught.
&PUFF Shad's Cigar=$puff: @pemit/silent %#=You puff contentedly on your cigar producing a large cloud of smoke that hangs ominously over your head and wafts about the room, allowing everyone to feel a portion of the sheer cigar enjoyment that you are experiencing.;@oemit %#=%N puffs away on the cigar, obviously blowing the smoke right in your face. A growing cloud of smoke hangs over %p head. The air in the room seems to be decreasing exponentially.
&LIGHT Shad's Cigar=$light: @pemit/silent %#=You fumble around in your pockets and finally find a match. Biting off the end of the cigar you spit the end on the floor. Then you strike the match and puff contentedly on the cigar, letting the taste of the tobacco flow over your tastebuds.;@oemit %#=%N bites off the end of the cigar and spits it on the floor. Then %s fumbles in %p pockets and finally produces a match which %s promptly strikes and lights the cigar with evident satisfaction.
&UNWRAP Shad's Cigar=$unwrap: @pemit/silent %#= You reach for a cigar and carefully peel back the plastic wrapper, allowing the fine scent to waft to your nostrils.%rYou can also 'sniff,' 'light,' 'inhale,' 'smoke,', and 'puff' cigar.;@oemit %#=%N reaches for a cigar and unwraps the handmade stick with careful hands.
&INHALE Shad's Cigar=$inhale: @pemit/silent %#=You inhale deeply taking the smoke into your lungs and feeling the gentle burn as the tobacco works its gentle poison. You let it sit or a second, feeling the chemical rush, then slowly exhale watching a cloud of gray smoke hover around your head.;@oemit %#=%N inhales the cigar with evident pleasure Then %s slowly exhales producing a huge cloud of grayish-green smoke which hangs oddly in the air, fouling it with a putrid aroma that seems to permeate the entire room and all its furnishings.
@set Shad's Cigar=COMMANDS